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Updated: May 22, 2021

It is such a privilege that my work involves helping the community practice my favorite part of health, and that would of course be physical health. Interestingly, however, Pilates is not limited to only affecting the physical body in the way we normally consider and it involves the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore in this holistic practice, we recognize that all facets of health are deeply woven into one another in the way veins, nerves, and lymphatic vessels neatly entwine through the body. The nature of health is multi-faceted and I can say from experience that it is not enough to simply commit to a few of its aspects, neglect the others, and thereon wholeheartedly declare myself to obtain and to practice health. Would you agree? Allow me to explain.

I once believed and decided that if I only committed myself to exercising daily I would be ok. I depended on my exercise routines to counteract a poor nutrition and deemed myself to be "super healthy." You see, I had a poor understanding of health and was blind to my own contradictions. At some point down the road, I encountered the clash between my healthy and unhealthy practices. My late teens/early twenties body could get away with so much for so long...until it couldn't. This is because, while health has many parts to it, these parts also work together to become one thing; one word. Health. To name a few, health involves psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. Including social health; building and nurturing healthy relationships in life, enduring painful losses and learning how to be a part of a community

. Nutritional habits also play an important part in health. Each is related to the other.

This is why I’ve opened up this space. To share my experiences and tell stories of my health journey. They are not perfect, and that’s the exact reason why I want to share them. I’ll be sharing my mental health stories and practices, and my nutritional and physical health experiences. Which brings me to my upcoming shop page, and I'm pretty stoked

about it! Inspired by Om&theCity, It’s a place where I’ll share the products I use that supports my ever-evolving partnership with health. If you’re wondering about a product you’ve seen on my classes or Instagram, it will very much likely be linked in said page!

I can’t wait for what this blog will bring us!

Mind if i ask?

  • What are your go-to anchor health habits that have proven to be transformational in your life?

  • What are some health struggles you encounter today?

I'll share first. Recently, I learned about my financial health. Namely, my anxiety and mindset towards money. Sometimes it’s not clear right off the bat what affects and is an active part of health. I invite you to take some time to reflect over the elements that make up health. Your health. I’d love to know!

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