Let's Get Body Smart.

knowing of  & knowing within the body are a few worlds apart

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I’m Larissa Arias, a Certified Pilates Teacher and biomechanics devotee with 950+ hours of comprehensive, hands-on training and ongoing continued education. Disciplined under the instruction of teacher trainers with 20+ years of experience; Erika Groff, Susanne Staehr, and Aura Fiscbeck.

what i do

Through Traditional Pilates, I meet you at your physical level and ability to present conquerable challenges that promote cognitive and neurological learning to change ungoverned movement patterns. I help detect structures that are over and underdeveloped as well as melt away tightness and strengthen weakness. Awaken muscles and tissues that are dormant and disconnected. Create uniform development throughout the body. Teach effective breathing that powers and strengthens the deepest core.

what u do

Practice low-impact and balanced exercises that target big and small muscle groups. Execute concentric, eccentric, and isometric muscle actions. Turn off mental auto-pilot in your workouts and become intimately acquainted with your body from within. Pair your Pilates practice with your favorite sport or exercise routine to enhance performance. Develop supple muscularity, recover from an injury, and simply increase satisfaction, awareness, and movement curiosity in your everyday life! 

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i'm larissa
i believe...

✤ Pilates is for every body

In how you feel more than how you look

Movement heals

Movement is holistic

 Keen proprioception enhances living!

✤ Physical exercise cultivates joy


Let’s get you intelligent within your body through the work of Pilates. Too often we are merely acquaintances to this vehicle that helps us ‘do’…DO everything! Just think about that.
Let’s begin the expedition of finding a deeper connection within your living vessel so that your mere reflexes are no longer in command.

“But there is a third ‘body-wide’ intelligence which is not even mapped yet – the intelligence within our bodies.”

Thomas Myres


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